The only issue I saw, was myself.
Tonight my dear, natures beauty will be competing with your own; happy full moon.

!! happy full moon ^-^

I love, love, love you and your tumblr; that is all, bye.

all i do is answer anons and even then I just send a bunch of question marks like what do you even see here

I can't help but find your stubbornness attractive.

im not being stubborn 
i am just really confused. 

It's no secret that I'm in love with you. Hmph.

but why though. 
i have done nothing for you. 

vous appartenez à vous-même


How I spend my days are of no concern to you, and yes.

this was a pretty agressive complement. 

I wonder how many of you guys actually check up on me, like, I don;t post anything ever so do you just check on me daily until I answer your anons or what? 

There's a short film called Hotel Chevalier, I think you would enjoy it.

I actually liked it a whole lot. 
I will watch this again very soon ^*^ thanks for the reccomendation. 

Can I take you to the shore sometime?

yes. especially at night. I love going to the beach at night. 
(as long as it is safe)

Favorite place to read a book?

I like reading sitting in corners of places. I don’t like to read lying down.